4th International Conference on Computing Informatics & Networks (ICCIN-2022)

Call for Papers

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology, Delhi, India is organizing its 4th International Conference on Computing, Informatics and Networks (ICCIN-2022). 

ICCIN-2022 accepts regular papers of length 6-8 pages including figures and references. The submitted papers will be peer-reviewed by three reviewers out of which two positive reports will entitle a paper to be accepted in ICCIN-2022. At-least one author registration is mandatory, once the paper is accepted. Papers not presented at the conference will not be included in the conference proceedings.

In ICCIN-2022, there are 7 tracks which are listed below but are not limited to

  1. Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Data mining
Data warehouse
Bioinformatics Databases
Web Database and Filtering
Text Mining
Query Optimization
Knowledge management
Database and information system
Temporal Databases
Distributed databases in information system

2.Network & Information Security

Network Optimization
Network Security
Wireless communication
Mobile Computing
Ad-hoc Networks
Sensor Networks
Security issues in social networks
Ethical hacking
Cloud security issues
Cryptography & Steganography
Intrusion Detection System

4.High Performance Computing

Green Computing
Cloud Computing
Grid Computing
Nano Technology
DNA Computing
Quantum Computing
Multi-core systems
GPU’s/Interconnection Networks

5.Internet-of-Things and Environmental Monitoring

IOT for Agriculture
Home Automation
Smart City Applications
Sensor and wireless Technologies
Security & Privacy
Machine-to-Machine Communication
Intelligent Systems
Expert Systems

6.Computer Applications and Technological Innovations in Social Sciences Healthcare

Ontology based Information Retrieval Healthcare Operations
ICT in Healthcare
Nutritional Health
Disease Management
Strategic Management

7.Computational Mathematics

Numerical Analysis
Approximation Theory
Linear Algebra 
Differential Equations 
Operations Research
Probability and Statistics 
Soft Computing 
Computational Fluid Mechanics
Mathematical Modelling and Simulation
Applications of Fuzzy Set Theory